Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth, we may recommend the use of implants to replace them. Implants have become a wonderful addition to the world of dentistry, especially in the past 10 years. It is providing new solutions for people who are missing one tooth, several teeth, and even all their teeth.

We can help people who have just a single missing tooth, whether it be front or back, top or bottom; as well as those with a few teeth missing. We also can help those with denture troubles or people wanting to get rid of their dentures all together.

What We Can Offer You

  • Dental implants that suit your needs (Single Tooth Implant, Denture Implants, Full Arch Dental Implants )
  • Dentists with more than 16 years of experience
  • Long-lasting solution for missing teeth
  • High-quality titanium dental implants
  • Convenient and comfortable experience
  • Affordable Payment Plan (National Dental Plan)

About Dr Peter Jorgensen

Peter Jorgensen graduated from University of Queensland in 1995 with a Bachelor of Dental Science. His early interest in oral surgery and bite reconstruction developed while working in Hervey Bay and later in England.

He moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2000 and joined John Currey at Cotton Tree. Having moved CJ Dentistry to Alexandra Headland in 2008, Peter now maintains the practice as the principal dentist.

Dr Jorgensen began implant training with Nobel Biocare more than 16 years ago and has since completed a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry (Oral Implants) at the University of Sydney. Over the years, Peter has been involved in facilitating Mentor courses and lecturing on Digital Implant planning.

He has a passion for Implant Dentistry doing both surgery and crowns, and has developed a high knowledge of all aspects right up to full mouth reconstruction in both crowns and implants.

He is also an active member of the Australian Osseointegration Society (AOS) and the Academy of Osseointegration (AO).

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What is a dental implant?

Dental Implants are small titanium screws tapped into the bone that allow a crown, bridge or denture to then be attached. They are very precise items and, in the right hands, the complete restorative dental implant can be as good as a real tooth.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Implants offer first support to man-made teeth.  Dentures, bridges or single teeth attached to the implants won’t slip of shift in your mouth.  This is extremely important when eating and speaking. This secure fit also helps teeth feel more natural than typical bridges or dentures.

Some people may find implant-supported dentures more comfortable that dentures that do not use implants.

Where teeth are missing, dental implants also help keep the jawbone from shrinking.

Implants offer value as they can last a lifetime with good care.

Who Can Have Dental Implants?

Depending on your case, implants can be quite straightforward. Sometimes, more complex pre-planning will be needed. There are so many variables. The best way is to come in for a consultation. We can present all the options to you, along with any helpful advice you might be seeking. You would then be free to decide how you would like to proceed.

Single Tooth Implant

Single tooth dental implants are great for replacing a single missing tooth. Whether it is a front or back tooth, there are options for replacing the tooth without the need to wear a plate or change the teeth either side.

An implant gives the best solution for having a tooth that feels and works like a natural one. The shape and colour can be made to match the rest of your teeth and it can be flossed and brushed like your natural teeth.

We can plan for your implant where the tooth is already missing, or in advance when the tooth is still present but needs to be replaced.

The alternatives are to leave the space, or have a denture or a bridge. An implant can be a great way to replace that missing tooth, without involving or relying on surrounding teeth.

Denture Implants

Denture Implants are used to hold new, or sometimes existing, dentures. If you find that you can’t keep your dentures in, or that they move when you eat or smile, implants can work to make your dentures firm and stable.

Lower dentures are generally the more difficult to keep in place but they can usually be stabilised with only 2 implants. The dentures can still be removed to clean, but they won’t fall out when you don’t want them to.

Upper dentures can also use implants for retention. We generally use a precision bar fit that is custom designed and milled in Titanium, giving a very strong and well-fitting denture, which can act like your own teeth.  It also allows the denture to be much smaller, without the need for all the plastic on the roof of the mouth.

Full Arch Dental Implants

Full arch dental implants can be used to replace a full set of teeth. This allows you to have teeth permanently fixed in your mouth, and the ability to eat just as you used to using your natural, original teeth.

You won’t need an implant for every tooth either. Most of the time a set of either top or bottom teeth can be done with between 4 and 8 implants, depending on the case and the needs.

Some cases can be immediately restored with a temporary set of teeth, such as in the All-on-4™ concept, while others need a more protracted approach.

We undertake careful planning to make sure you end up with the most predictable and stable long-term result.

Some patients also opt to have a removable set of teeth on a precision milled bar. These act and function like a fixed set of teeth, but can be removed to clean and can be good where the gum appearance or shape is not ideal.

Affordable Dental Implants

National DentaL Plan is available in CJ Dentistry to assist with health costs and we will do our best to assist with this for your dental implant. With NDP you could start-up to $12,000 in treatments today and spread the cost over easy to manage fortnightly payments, best of all, you pay No Interest Ever.

If you think you might need dental implants please make an appointment for a consultation, so we can discuss your particular case and your particular needs.