General Dentistry

We provide a range of general dentistry treatments including preventative care, minor restorative therapy and family dental care. If dental problems are discovered during a regular check-up we will use restorative procedures to repair tooth decay, disease and trauma.

Initial Consultation

Your first visit gives you a chance to meet the dentist, and the dentist to meet you and to consider your general dentistry concerns. You can let us know what you would like to have done and any expectations. We can then assess your oral health and give you some treatment options.

If x-rays, models or photos are required we will discuss these as we proceed through the exam. Once we have had a look at all the information, we can sit down and give you a plan and whatever options you may have for treatment.

Please download a copy of our Confidential Patient History form and fill in the blanks to bring with you for your first appointment.

If you are booking in for your first visit, please let the staff know if there is anything urgent that requires attention. You might have a specific pain, a broken tooth or the first signs of infection. We can then tailor your first appointment to treat anything urgent. If you are thinking of having more complex cosmetic work done, or you think you might need implants, please also let the staff know when booking the appointment.

A standard initial exam costs $70 and a more complex initial exam will cost $100. If an OPG x-ray of your teeth is required it will cost $125.

Root Canal Treatment

A root canal is sometimes needed when the pulp tissue inside the root chamber of the tooth is infected and is another dental service classed as general dentistry. The root canal procedure involves removing the infected pulp tissue, filling the hollowed tooth with antibacterial filling, and capping it with a crown. The crown will protect the tooth from damage and infection.

The vast majority of people who undergo root canal treatment can expect a functional tooth after the treatment.


Fillings are one of the most common general dentistry services. Fillings may be required if tooth structure has been lost due to decay or trauma. We will check your teeth for these defects during a regular check-up and, with the use of x-rays, pinpoint the location and extent of decay.

We offer white fillings (which can be porcelain or composite) or gold fillings. Gold fillings tend to be the most durable over the long-term, while porcelain (or ceramic) fillings are both strong and able to be matched to your tooth colour to produce a very long lasting and aesthetic filling. Both gold and porcelain fillings take longer to prepare and manufacture, meaning more appointments and more cost.
Composite resin is a commonly used white or tooth-coloured filling material. It can be “glued” to the surface of the tooth, and a matching tooth colour can be picked so that the filling is almost invisible.

The materials we use are hardwearing and long-lasting and bond very strongly with natural teeth so it will be several years before your filling needs replacing. We do regularly check the condition of all our tooth fillings as no restoration will last forever and it is important to replace fillings as they become older and before they begin to leak or crumble.

Emergency Dental

We are happy to see clients after hours for pain and trauma. Some examples of emergency dental and general dentistry cases we treat include broken teeth, unexpected pain, sports injuries or infection.

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