Despite all the advances in dentistry, childhood tooth decay is still a huge problem. However, it is avoidable if you ensure your child has a “dental home.” CJ Dentistry is a kid-friendly, family-oriented practice and we offer a range of preventative dental care treatments to help prevent childhood tooth decay.


Great Dental Care Starts Early

We recommend booking your child’s very first dental appointment soon after birth and before they get their first tooth. Although your kid is still very young, they will begin getting used to all the new sights sounds and smells of a dental practice. We can also screen for Tongue and lip tie problems that can affect your child with breast feeding and or bottle feeding.

Children who begin early dental care are far more likely to grow up without fears and phobias and to enjoy healthy strong teeth and a beautiful smile, as we can show you how to look after their teeth and gums. We have a dental therapist on our team who is specially trained to look after children, and everyone here goes out of their way to help little ones relax in the dental chair.

When your child is a bit older, we can work with them directly, teaching them the right way to brush and floss, and educating them on the importance of good oral health using techniques that make the subject fun and enjoyable.