Far from being separate from your body, your mouth provides a window leading directly to your digestive and respiratory tracts. The average mouth has hundreds of different strains of bacteria, and some are harmful. When your mouth is healthy, these bacteria are kept under control and cannot easily enter your body. However, if you have poor oral health, specifically inflamed and bleeding gums, it’s easier for these harmful bacteria to spread through your body. Research suggests that oral bacteria are linked to respiratory diseases, cardiovascular disease, premature birth, diabetes and dementia. Additionally, poor oral health can affect your sense of well-being, making it more difficult to socialise with others and eat comfortably.

Good preventive dentistry is the easiest way to ensure you have optimal oral health, consisting of brushing your teeth at least twice daily and flossing once a day. Make sure you use fluoride toothpaste because this helps to harden your tooth enamel. Try to follow a healthy diet and limit your consumption of sugary and acidic food and drink. Make sure you visit us every six months for your checkups and contact us promptly if you experience any problems or have concerns about your dental health.