Mouthguards For Sports

If you or your children play any contact sport, but especially Aussie Rules Footy or cricket, then having a proper mouthguard to be worn during training and matches is imperative. Without one, teeth can be lost, you can bite through your tongue, as well as numerous other oral damages.

Here at Currey & Jorgensen Dentistry we can custom make a mouthguard that will fit perfectly to your teeth and take the impact of a hit without damaging your teeth.

Our Custom Made Mouthguards

For ultimate protection and comfort, you need a custom guard made by our skilled dentist technicians that fit your mouth and your teeth perfectly. They conform to all the Australian standards that are set and fight tightly around your teeth so that you don’t have to worry about them falling out and can talk comfortably with your teammates around you.

Our mouthguards can last 3 to 4 seasons for adult players before needing to be replaced, although for our younger footy players they will need to be changed every year as they grow. We can make them suitable for children that wear a brace and have growing teeth by making slight allowances in the design, but this will in no way detract from the excellent protection that they provide.

We can start making guards for our players as young as 6 years old so that for the full duration of their playing careers you will not have to worry about damage to their teeth.

Over The Counter Mouthguards

You are able to buy a mouthguard over the counter from your supermarket or sports store. These are generic guards that once purchased you put in boiling water to soften them and then mould them over your teeth as well as you can.

If you are in a collision that involves your face, the likelihood is that the guard will not protect you and can even make injuries worse. As they do not fit snugly, they will fall out easily, feel uncomfortable and make it extremely difficult to talk while wearing them. Much of the time they are taken out and not used which is dangerous for all involved in the sport.

Health Insurance Cover For Your Mouthguard

If you have a health fund in place, then your mouthguard can be fully covered depending on the policy you have. We have found that most funds will cover one guard every year with some covering the entire cost, while others pay part as they know how important they are to our health.

Guarding Your Teeth

By visiting us here at Currey & Jorgensen Dentistry you can get a custom mouthguard that you can wear with pride and comfort, knowing that it will protect you with every kick of the ball.

To get more information or to book in for your guard to be fitted, contact us.