Are you currently considering a smile makeover and wondering what the benefits might be? Most people want smile makeovers because they are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth or perhaps are unable to eat comfortably.

Common reasons for seeking a smile makeover include being embarrassed about crooked or overcrowded teeth, having cracked or chipped teeth, or teeth that are discoloured. In addition, smile makeovers can address other problems such as missing teeth, unsightly gaps between teeth and other issues like loose dentures.

Investing in the appearance of your teeth can affect you in numerous ways, and some treatments can benefit dental health. For example, when you see us for a smile makeover, we assess the look of your teeth and your dental health. Restoring missing teeth not only improves appearance but helps protect your existing teeth and ensures you can eat more comfortably. Likewise, repairing worn and broken teeth protects and preserves them while improving your smile.

Additionally, when you have a healthy and attractive smile, it can boost self-confidence. When you feel great about your teeth, you are more likely to socialise with other people and make friends and build relationships.

We plan each smile makeover extremely carefully, taking the time to listen to you to learn your desires, devising a custom treatment plan to suit your needs.