Regular sports are a great way to stay fit and socialise, and CJ Dentistry proudly sponsors Sunshine Coast Rugby and Sunshine Coast Hockey. However, as dentists, we are all too well aware of the risk of an injury. Dental injuries can dislodge, damage, knock out teeth, or damage your jaws. These injuries can be upsetting and costly to treat, especially over a lifetime which is why we strongly recommend that all our sports-loving patients invest in a custom mouthguard. Around a third of dental injuries could be prevented or their severity reduced with a well-fitting mouthguard. It is worth getting a mouthguard if you play any sport where there is a risk of a blow to your mouth.

Why Choose a Custom Mouthguard?

A custom mouthguard provides maximum protection for your teeth and jaws and is made using an impression of your mouth, so it fits precisely. It is specially designed to absorb a blow to the mouth and is comfortable to wear. In contrast, over the counter mouthguards tend to be ill-fitting, uncomfortable to use and provide only minimal protection at best.

We provide mouthguards in a range of colours, so you can show your support for your team while protecting your smile.