Sunshine Coast Children’s Dentist

When you consider that there are some adults who are none too keen on visiting the Dentists it is hardly surprising that kids can be especially nervous about it at times.

The expert Dentist Sunshine Coast-based here at Currey and Jorgensen fully understand that not everyone enjoys their trips to the Dentist Surgery.

If you are concerned about bringing your children to the surgery you should read the following.

Creating a welcoming and child-friendly dental environment

Turning a trip to the Dentist into an occasion that can be fun and interesting is bound to put your child more at ease.

We have made every effort to create a comfortable, welcoming, and child-friendly environment and all of our team make special consideration for children.

When to start introducing your child to the Dentist environment?

If you are a parent who has been labouring under the impression that your child doesn’t need to see a Dentist Sunshine Coast-based until they have a full set of teeth you should think on.

Oral health includes the gums and mouth too, it is recommended that a child needs to visit as soon as they have their first tooth or at one year of age.

What happens during a young child’s oral check-up?

The Dentist will interact with your child and do everything possible to make the check-up interesting and fun.

Our team appreciates that gaining the child’s trust and forming a positive relationship with the Dentist is crucial to their on-going dental care.

After carrying out a full examination of teeth, gums, and the inside of the child’s mouth, your Dentist will discuss the examination with you.

Preparing Your Child for Their First Dental Visit

One of the most effective ways to introduce kids to the Dentist is by bringing them along when you attend your own appointments.

This will familiarise them with the environment and even encourage them to share in the experience.

Seeing mummy having her teeth made pretty is likely to encourage them to want the same.

Satisfying their natural curiosity through pictorial books and encouraging them to copy your oral hygiene is also useful.

Addressing your concerns about bringing your child to the dentist

Our experienced dental practitioners are familiar with the concerns that are common to most parents in the area of oral health.

From answering questions about formative oral hygiene habits too early orthodontic interventions, we can explain every option.

Talking to the child-friendly Dentists

Here at Currey and Jorgensen, we provide a full range of oral health treatments and our child-friendly team is especially skilled with kids of all ages.