Have you looked at your teeth closely recently and perhaps noticed some craze lines? These can look alarming but are most likely not a cause for concern. Typically, craze lines only affect the tooth enamel and are superficial.

Why Do Craze Lines Develop?

They often develop due to normal wear and tear, although oral habits can place stress on teeth, increasing the risk of craze lines. For example, if you bite your nails, or have oral jewellery that knocks against your teeth, or if you have a liking for crunching on ice cubes or use your teeth as tools, it can cause craze lines on your tooth enamel.

Another potential problem is bruxism, where people clench and grind their teeth, usually during nighttime. This nocturnal habit can wear down tooth enamel, causing chips and cracks in teeth, including craze lines. Getting treated for bruxism helps protect your oral health, not only against developing craze lines but also from more serious damage affecting the teeth and jaws.

Other potential causes of craze lines include tooth staining from drinking coffee, tea or red wine, or sodas regularly, making the cracks more visible. The same thing can happen if you smoke.

If you do have craze lines on your teeth and are concerned about them, be sure to ask us for help and advice during your next visit.