First Visit to the Dentist

Your first visit gives you a chance to meet the dentist, and the dentist to meet you. You can let us know what you would like to have done and any expectations. We can then assess your oral health and give you some treatment options.

If x-rays, models or photos are required we will discuss these as we proceed through the exam. Once we have had a look at all the information, we can sit down and give you a plan and whatever options you may have for treatment.

If you are booking in for your first visit, please let the staff know if there is anything urgbent that requires attention. You might have a specific pain, a broken tooth or the first signs of infection. We can then tailor your first appointment to treat anything urgent.

If you are thinking of having more complex cosmetic work done, or you think you might need implants, please also let the staff know when booking the appointment.

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