Payment Terms Policy

Payment terms:

All accounts for treatment are to be paid on the day of service. The practice does not allow for accounts beyond the day of service, with the exception of departmental organisations such as Veteran Affairs, Medicare, Workcover, etc.

Any account left unpaid on the day of service will only be by agreement from the practice and is at the complete discretion of the practice.

Responsibility for payment:

The patient (or parent/guardian in the case of minors) is responsible for payment of any account for service.

Health funds may contribute towards the cost of treatment which may provide a lower out of pocket cost on the day through the use of HICAPS. However, certain items may not provide a rebate or on occasions, health funds may be unable to make payments due to technical or other issues. If this occurs the requirement for payment still rests with the patient and it is up to the individual to seek any rebates from the health fund after the account has been paid in full at the practice.

Insurance or third parties may be the primary payment method. However, responsibility will always rest with the patient for payment in the advent insurance fails to cover part or all of the fees for services provided.

Payment methods:

We accept Cash, Debit Card, Mastercard, Visa and American Express

We can also arrange for account details to allow for direct deposit, but this may only be by agreement as payment will occur after the day of service. Please advise if you wish to use this method prior to treatment being provided.

Payment may be received as part of a health fund rebate through the HICAPS system.

We DO NOT accept cheques.

Outstanding accounts:

Any outstanding accounts will be issued with a written account with the payment required as soon as possible.

Any accounts still outstanding after a week will be followed by phone, email, mail or a combination of these.

Any accounts still outstanding after a month, without prior approval, may be referred to debt collection services. A letter explaining this, with the account attached will be sent to you prior to this occurring to ensure all opportunities to settle any outstanding accounts are given.

Any fees incurred in the collection of outstanding accounts will be passed on to the patient.

No further treatment can be provided within the practice until all outstanding accounts are settled without prior approval.

Any queries relating to the terms above should be directed to