Mouthguards are an important part of the safety gear for any contact sport. Or at least they should be. There are still an alarming number of people who take to the sporting fields each week, either training or competing, who aren’t wearing one. About one third of all dental injuries we see could be prevented by wearing a mouthguard.

There are 2 basic types of mouthguard. The over the counter mouthguard, which you heat up and then try and mould as best you can to your mouth, or a custom made mouthguard with a dentist.

The first one will help, but may not protect you enough if you get a direct blow to the mouth, and in some cases can make things worse. They also tend to suffer from falling out easily, and being difficult to talk with while wearing.

The custom mouthguard is made from a mould of the patient’s mouth and must conform to an Australian Standard. They are very close fitting, stay in well and can be quite comfortable to wear. You can even talk, yell or call a play. A custom mouthguard can even have allowance for braces or growing teeth.

Currey & Jorgensen Dentistry are supporting both Sunshine Coast Rugby Union and Sunshine Coast Hockey. Custom mouthguards cost $80* for a single colour or $90* for a multi colour mouthguard, if you are playing one of these sports. This is the maximum out of pocket expense if you are not in a health fund. This is a small price to pay for one of the best pieces of safety gear in the bag, and a lot cheaper than a pair of training shoes or fixing the damage done if you weren’t wearing one and got knocked in the face.

Have you got a mouthguard for the season yet? Check out our custom mouthguards flyer for pricing and more information or give us a call.

* Health fund rebates (based on standard pricing of $159) may be higher or lower than this amount.